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Slip&Grip Automotive are a UK based Motorsport events organiser and members club. We host various event types through out the year at a number of Uk locations including trackdays, sprints, tarmac rally testing and social events. We are also the sole organisers for Bont Rally Stage in Mid Wales.

You can also make use of our website to post classifieds for competition cars and other vehicle's of interest absolutely free. Don't forget to checkout our shop where we have everything from toys and gadgets, to parts and accessories.

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Bont Rally Sprints

A Weekend Packed with Motorsport

One of the longest tarmac sprints in the UK. 5 Classes, 2 Days, Unlimited Runs.

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News & Articles

Report: May Bont Rally Sprint

Our first Sprint weekend of 2022 took place on May 21/22 and it was a bit of a cracker. The event was run over two…

The Story Behind the P2 WRC Impreza

The story behind Prodrive S5 Impreza P2 WRC

Featherweight Italian Boxer

If you could bottle up nostalgia and sell it then we reckon the bottle would be shaped like an Alfa Romeo.
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