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Slip&Grip Automotive are a UK based Motorsport events organiser and members club governed and regulated by the IOPD (International Organisation for Professional Drivers). We offer on track events throughout the year for drivers with all levels of experience, from trackdays to rally testing, sprints and hill climbs. Our events are well known for a friendly atmosphere, good on track etiquette and plenty of seat time for reasonable prices.

We are the sole organisers at Bont Rally Stage in Mid Wales where we host public and private rally testing as well as weekend rally sprints and media/marketing days for automotive companies.We are passionate about all things retro and performance. Our quality of events and cars reflects in our enthusiasm for what we do.

Finally why not head over to our community by joining our Facebook Members Group where over 5000 members just like you chat cars, share pictures, videos, knowledge and experiences. Our classifieds section of the website is also free to use and you can browse the articles we have produced on all things with four wheels too.

If you have any questions please contact via Facebook or our Contact Page.

We hope to see you at a Slip&Grip Automotive event soon.

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News & Articles

Featherweight Italian Boxer

If you could bottle up nostalgia and sell it then we reckon the bottle would be shaped like an Alfa Romeo.

In Focus - 05 Ford WRC

those hairs standing up on the back of your neck as the smell of 102 octane and hot brakes breezes by.

Ex Ray Payne Race Car Emerges

As soon as we arrived to our trackday on Monday we knew this Imp might be pretty special.
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