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Bont Dolebolion Rally Stage

The 2.2mile Hidden Tarmac Rally Gem in Mid Wales

In the early 00's a great thing happened in Mid Wales, not far from Tregaron. A group of locals, a land owner and the local council got together to create the most unique asphalt venue in the UK, Bont Dolebolion Rally Stage. With a grant from the government and hard graft from locals, 2.2 miles of twisting rally stage was laid using materials from the local quarry visible from Bont itself.

The last 20 years it has seen many local clubs using the venue for night events but it was not very well known UK wide. Slip&Grip Automotive is now in its 2nd year of sole management of this stunning venue and welcomes people from all over the continent to test and compete. The stage hosts monthly public rally testing for club level drivers on a budget as well as the ability to private hire the venue for those who compete at the top of the sport and prefer seclusion when shaking down vehicles, or for companies to carry out product testing or media days for marketing.

The challenging 2.2mile stage has a good sized paddock and sits in stunning Welsh countryside. Sitting on the side of a mountain it boasts tight tarmac, crests and undulations much like crews would find on tarmac rallies throughout Europe. With a cut through section to start another run, the layout means crews can tailor their runs to the sort of miles they would usually do on a single stage.

Whilst top tyre manufacturers such has Michelin and Hankook have previously used the venue for tyre R&D, Top drivers also use the stage in order to prepare for some of the most iconic events on the rally calendar. We also tailor hire packages for MSUK clubs and clubs that encompass cars of historic interest to host days for their members to enjoy there machinery such as London Irish Motor Club and Rallying History. We also host several Rally Sprint weekends each year with a straight forward class structure and simple regulations with drivers competing for the fastest single stage time of the day.

For each of the events that we run at Bont Stage hosts and crews have the chance to stay onsite for free in motorhome or tents as well as the option for hot food and drink when requested. Head over to our Events section  to see upcoming public test dates and Rally Sprints. To enquire about hiring the venue for testing or media purposes please Contact us 

Bont Rally Stage is governed by the IOPD who provide us with the correct safety procedures and permits of RTA exemption for the events that we host.

Bont Rally Stage

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