1949 Allard L1 Tourer

Introduced in 1946, the L employed Allard's trademark independently suspended 'split' front axle and transverse-leaf rear end

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  • Restored in the 1990s with minimal mileage since restoration
  • Exceptionally rare example one of just 10 known survivors
  • Present ownership since 2016
  • Upgraded fuel and ignition systemsUsing a crashed Ford V8 coup√© on to which he had grafted the body from a Grand Prix Bugatti, racing driver Sydney Allard constructed one of the most unlikely of all pre-war trials specials. However, the Allard Special's lightweight construction and relatively powerful American V8 engine, although not the first such combination, demonstrated the formula's potential and provided the inspiration for future imitators, including Carroll Shelby who acknowledged Allard's influence on the Cobra.After WW2, Allard progressed from special-builder to motor manufacturer, though the latter activity was really little more than a means of financing the company's competition programme. Post-war Allards combined the same virtues of light weight, independent front suspension and an abundance of American V8 power, which had been features of that first trials special of the mid-1930s. These favourable characteristics enabled Allard to establish a formidable competition record in the immediate post-war years, Sydney himself finishing 3rd at Le Mans in a J2 two-seater and winning the Monte Carlo Rally outright in a P2 saloon.Introduced in 1946, the L employed Allard's trademark independently suspended 'split' front axle and transverse-leaf rear end in a chassis 6" longer than that of the contemporary K-type, the extra length being used to accommodate two rear passenger seats. Like the vast majority of production Allards, the L used Ford/ Mercury components, these being readily obtainable from Ford in the UK, the choice of engines being the 3, 622cc Ford V8 or modified 4, 375cc Mercury. A mere 191 examples were produced between 1946 and 1950, of which only some ten or so are known to the Allard Register.

    This example has had only five owners from new. Restored in the early 1990s by Arthur Buckley of Bolton, who had acquired it circa 1980, this Allard was bought from the estate of the late Robert Howell-Jones in June 2016. Since acquisition the I have continued Mr Howell-Jones's re-commissioning. Works carried out include overhauling the steering with a reconditioned Marles steering box by Steering Services, Dorking (September 2014) and fitting new track-rod ends supplied by Belcher Engineering, Norfolk (September 2017). More recently, the fuel and ignition systems have been upgraded and the weather equipment refurbished. This involved installing a new Stromberg carburettor, Mallory distributor, Pertronix ignition, and Malpassi fuel regulator/ filter by The Paris/ Peking rally raid company Jim Turnball, Royal Kustoms of Poole, Hampshire (May 2017) while in December 2019 Waboo Automotive refurbished the hood and fitted new aluminium panels and new heavy-duty 'extra visibility' side screens trimmed in matching Mohair. A 2017 concours entrant at Shelsley Walsh's Vintage Nostalgia meeting, the Allard has mainly been used for picnic trips into the Black Mountains and visits to the historic book town of Hay-on-Wye. Only minimal mileage has been covered since the 1990s restoration, and that the car remains in very good condition. A fantastic all-rounder the L1 is as comfortable on the daily commute with seating for four, relaxed continental touring or hill climbing at the weekends flexing its V8 power. A large history file of restoration invoices comes with the car; an old-style logbook; a quantity of expired MoTs; and a V5C Registration Certificate.

    Jim the details below Mob

    This is a Private sale. This is my own car from my own small collection. I am offering it for sale because I need to rationalise what cars I can use and I have not used the Allard since the beginning of lockdown.

    I can help with Shipping anywhere in the World just ask

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