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Please note that when ordering multiple items, they maybe shipped separately. All products are carefully picked and packaged to ensure they arrive at your door safely. For shipping over 10kg please contact us direct. Currently we only ship to UK mainland, however if you wish to ship overseas feel free to contact us direct. Where possible Slip&Grip Automotive use tracked or signed shipping for items purchased from our shop. Shipping costs are calculated during checkout.

You can order physical products alongside events and digital products as downloads for these will be available as soon as checkout is completed.

Current Shipping rate (Uk Mainland)

  • Under 100g - £2.50
  • Between 101g - 250g - £3.66
  • Between 251g - 2kg - £5.22
  • Between 2kg - 5kg - £9.54
  • Between 5kg - 10kg - £9.97

Please note that all Kielder products are shipped at £5 per item or order over £200 include free delivery.

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News & Articles

Featherweight Italian Boxer

If you could bottle up nostalgia and sell it then we reckon the bottle would be shaped like an Alfa Romeo.

In Focus - 05 Ford WRC

those hairs standing up on the back of your neck as the smell of 102 octane and hot brakes breezes by.

Ex Ray Payne Race Car Emerges

As soon as we arrived to our trackday on Monday we knew this Imp might be pretty special.
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