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Slip&Grip Winter Series

: 11/11/2018
Start Time
: 09:00 am
: £ 40.00

Slip&Grip Winter Series


Slip&Grip winter series will consist of 5 rounds at our Airfield venue in Wiltshire, SN16 near Malmesbury, a smooth swept concrete surface. Each round will consist of 3 layouts with 3 runs per layout. The fastest of each of the 3 runs will be added up in a points table. There will be a navigator permitted in the front passenger seat with the route map to help determine the route. Multiple teams are allowed to use the same car upon request.

Every team will be given route notes on the morning of each event and permitted to walk each route prior to competition. There will be a start box and a separate finish box that you must stop within to complete each timed run without penalty. Every route will be a mix of corners made from cones that may form chicanes, slaloms etc.


  •  Class A – RWD Cars
  •  Class B – FWD Cars
  •  Class C – AWD Cars


  •  Sunday Nov 11th
  •  Sunday Dec 9th
  •  Sunday Jan 13th
  •  Sunday Feb 10th
  •  Sunday March 10th

Costs will be £40 per event per driver. If both navigator and driver are swapping seats notify us on the morning so we can run the cars accordingly.

There are no limits to tyre type or limits to the cars modifications as we want to keep the series as fun as possible. All soft top cars must have sufficient ROPS. We don’t allow tall offroad type vehicles for this event. All cars must have at least a 1kg in car hand held fire extinguisher securely mounted. Drivers and passengers must wear a helmet.

All layouts will be designed to make sure its as even as possible for all cars, you will find layouts are tight and twisty to help level the field.

There will be a 1 second penalty for any cones hit or for stopping or starting outside the box. Anymore that 3 cones hit and that will result in a void run. Route notes or maps are allowed to be carried in car. Not following the correct route will also result in a void run.

Points will be award to the top ten in each round with 10 points 1st, 9 points 2nd, 8 points 3rd and so on for the overall top ten. Points will also be awarded per class with 5 points 1st, 4 points 2nd, 3 points 3rd and so on for the top 5 in each class.

Awards will be given for the leader of each class at the end of the 5 rounds with a trophy and 25% off any 2019 Slip&Grip event. There will also be overall series top 3 with 3rd getting 25% off any event, 2nd 50% and 1st 75% off.

An IOPD Comp license is required to compete in our timed events, £5 for a single day licenses and £15 for an annual license. This allows us to run timed events under IOPD regs and keep within UK laws.

Every vehicle will be scrutineered to a road worthy or safe standard to ensure the safety of everyone at the event. The car does not have to be road legal but to a safe mechanical standard.

(Please be aware unless marshalling, competing or navigating there is no public admittance to this event) No one under the age of 16 is permitted to attend the event. No pets allowed. The driving age is 16+, if the driver does not have a UK license, a passenger with a valid UK license must be in the passenger seat.

We will be using a stop watch to time the winter series with an official time keeper, we may use our proper timing equipment if we get enough interest in the future.

This is a great excuse for everyone to get out and enjoy their cars in the winter in a timed but safe competition environment. All drivers and passengers will need to sign on and attend a briefing at the start of each event.

*Please note that all event bookings are subject to our standard bookings terms and conditions.

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