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Spring Touge in The Valleys

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: 25/04/2020
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: 08:00 am
: From £ 90.00

Slip&Grip Automotive - Spring Touge In The Valleys 2020 - April 25th & 26th 2020

The ever popular Touge in The Valleys returns for Spring 2020. Set in the heart of Wales nestling on the side of a private mountain in a stunning valley, 2.2 miles of tight tarmac stage wind up around and down the peak providing one of the most unique motorsport venues in the UK. Perfect for testing your driving skills whether you drive a rally car, sprint car, hill climb car, drift car or trackday car. With plenty of media covering the event its also the perfect opportunity to give any sponsors you may have some good coverage or promote what you do in motorsport.


With Camping on site Friday and Saturday night you can drive one or two days over the weekend. We will have a burger van on site with local fresh meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your used to normal trackdays on wide open circuits this event provides a unique challenge that no other venue offers, with cars being released at minute intervals to tackle the tarmac over the mountain. A truly unique event providing an awesome atmosphere alongside an awesome driving road.


When you make your booking you will be sent a confirmation with a full set of rules and regulations as well as a course map and a breakdown of event schedule and information. Please note for 2020 the stage will be run clockwise on Saturday and Anti-Clockwise on Sunday.



  • Single Day £90 Per Driver
  • Two Days £170 Per Driver

(Up to 2 driver permitted per car)


Event Location: 

Mid Wales Activity Centre - SY25 6BJ

Check out a video of the stage here:



Basic Rules and Regs:

  • Drivers & Co-Drivers must wear helmets at all times on stage (Co-Driver not Required)
  • Cars will be scrutineered and must be maintained and prepared to a high standard
  • All cars must be at least to a road going standard with a minimum of a Half Cage (significant roll over bar), bucket seats and FIA/MSUK harnesses fitted as per manufacturers guidelines
  • All cars must carry at least a 1KG hand held fire extinguisher thats mounted within reach of the vehicles crew
  • Cars must have towing eyes fitted
  • All tyre types are permitted
  • No open wheel cars are permitted
  • Timing is allowed but there is no official timing

(if you have any questions regarding regs or would like to see the full copy of regs prior to booking please contact us direct)

Other Info:

  • Members of public and spectating are not permitted at this event, only drivers, co-drivers, vehicle mechanics, staff, marshals and media
  • We supply a full medical crew and marshals for your safety
  • This event runs an open class format providing your car meets our simple safety regs
  • All vehicles makes are welcome
  • There is no official timing for this event

Be warned, despite being a beautiful location and venue, this stage is not for the faint hearted. Armco and tyre walls do line a lot of the stage for your protection but the track is not very wide so things can happen very quickly. We recommend that if you are planning on attending this event you have previous trackday / on track experience. If you do not respect the stage and understand the limits of you and your car its not the event for you. If however you are looking for a real challenge away from the wide open UK circuits, looking to build confidence driving this epic stage throughout a full weekend with load of seat time with a typical Slip&Grip Automotive atmosphere then get your name down.

*Please note that all event bookings are subject to our standard bookings terms and conditions.

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