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Sprint Series

: 31/03/2018
Start Time
: 08:00 am
: £ 120.00
Slip&Grip Sprint Series
Clio on track
Honda Integra start Line
Astra corner

The Slip&Grip Sprint Series is a timed Sprint Series over 4 rounds. Cars are divided into classes depending on spec and engine size. The max number of cars per event will be 40 which should give enough cars in each class and enough track time for all competitors. Rnd1 is hosted at 2.2miles of Tarmac rally stage in Mid Wales and will follow the same direction as our Touge Trackday format events.

This series is designed for members to experience the next step up from our usual trackday format events but its very important to keep that great Slip&Grip friendly atmosphere. The Touge Sprints will mean that even the lower powered lighter cars will have a chance of all out victory with a good driver behind the wheel. The last round of the year at Castle Combe will be much faster.

Event Details & Terms

  • March 31st – Touge Stage £120 – No Noise Limit
  • May 5th – Touge Stage Twin Loop £120 – No Noise Limit
  • Sept 9th – Touge Reverse £120 – No Noise Limit
  • Nov 3rd – Castle Combe £150 – 105DB’s at 4500rpm
  • Drivers must have a full valid driving licence or competition licence
  • No drivers under the age of 18
  • Each driver must hold an annual Slip&Grip Competition Licence £10 on the day
  • Co drivers are permitted & sign on is £5 on the day
  • All drivers & Co drivers must read and sign the terms, conditions & waver forms
  • Payments and application will be accepted up to 3 days before the event providing there is still space
  • You must attend the drivers briefing to compete
  • Points will be awarded per Sub Class with 1st 50pts, 2nd 49pts, 3rd 48pts etc. An extra 2 points will be awarded for the fastest time of the day overall in each class (A,B,C)
  • An extra 10 points is awarded for any driver who competes in all 4 rounds
  • Points are determined by the fastest times overall and the fastest times in each class and sub class
Rewards & Trophies
  • 1st overall in the series will get a season of free trackdays from us
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall for each event will receive a trophy
  • 1st overall at each event will receive a free Slip&Grip Trackday
  • 1st in each main class will receive a trophy and 25% off their next Sprint Entry or any Slip&Grip Trackday
  • 1st in each sub class will receive 10% off any Slip&Grip Trackday
  • Rewards will only be given if there is 3 or more cars in class or sub class
Event format
  • AM runs will be 3 practice runs
  • After every driver has completed 3 practice runs we will run as many timed runs as possible for each competitor
  • Cars will be released between 30 seconds and minute intervals
  • Class A - Heavy Modified Class – Race/rally spec/Kit Cars/High Power Cars
  • Class B - Track Spec Cars – Modified Production
  • Class C - Production Cars – Road going

Please note Open Wheel Cars are not permitted in the Sprint Series.

All forced induction cars have +40% applied to their engine size.

Car class will often be determined by Series Admin but if a car is deemed to be too fast for a particular class by Admin, or up to 3 competitors during or after an event that cars class maybe adjusted for the next event. If a car changes class the drivers points will be transferred.

Class A

This class is for proper motorsport prepared cars i.e race/rally/hill climb/sprint and drift cars. Kit cars are also under Class A due to their power to weight ratio. Your car does not have to be road legal but must be above and beyond in its safety and preparation. All cars must have the correct suspension, braking and safety packages to match the power the car is producing.

  • Must be fitted with full 6 or 8 point roll cage

  • Must have bucket seats & Harnesses

  • Must have at least an incar extinguisher at least 1.5KG

  • Treaded Slicks (Semi Slicks) Allowed (No Slicks)

  • Boost setting must stay the same throughout an event

  • Engine swaps are permitted

  • Aero is permitted

A1 – Heavily Modified over 1900cc
A2 – Heavily Modified under 1900cc
A3 – Kit Cars

Class B

This Class is for Fast Road/Track Cars. The car must have MOT or be to an MOT standard. Cars are allowed reasonable modification for fast road and track use including engine modifications but must have braking, handling and safety packages to match.

  • Must be Fitted with at least half cage
  • Must have bucket seats & harnesses
  • Must have at least an incar extinguisher at least 1.5KG
  • Treaded Slicks (Semi Slicks) Allowed (No Slicks)
  • Boost setting must stay the same throughout an event
  • Engine swaps permitted
  • Aero is permitted

B1 – Fast Road/Track Spec over 1900cc
B2 – Fast Road/Track Spec Under 1900cc

Class C

This class is for production road going cars. Only light engine breathing mods are permitted. The car must have a current MOT to enter this class. Light handling and braking packages allowed. Car Spec will determine if you are allowed to enter this class and will be decided by Sprint series administration.

  • All Cars must have at least an incar extinguisher at least 1.5KG
  • Light modifications only
  • Road tyres only Semi Slicks not permitted

C1 – Road going over 1900cc
C2 – Road Going under 1900cc

  • In car cameras are permitted but must be secure
  • Slip&Grip/Reelmotion will be doing a video for every event
  • We only allow media on stage so if you would like to cover the event please get in touch
Event Safety
  • Marshals on stage,flags/Extinguishers
  • First aiders on site
  • Vehicle recovery on site
  • Please no messing around in cars in the paddock
  • Please ensure you enter the paddock slowly and park in permitted space
  • Listen to staff and marshals at all times
  • All cars will be scrutineered on the day of the event, if your car is deemed dangerous or does not meet regs you will not be allowed to compete and no refund will be given
  • Only Marshals and media are permitted to view out on stage and must sign a waver and have a high vis
  • Strictly no public admittance to the Touge events
Driver/Co driver safety
  • Helmets to be worn at all times
  • Helmets to be in good condition and fit for purpose
  • Harnesses is fitted & seat belts must be worn at all times
  • If harnesses are fitted they must be to manufacturer standards
  • In open top cars full face helmets only
Further notes
  • Please respect all venues/members of staff/competitors at all times
  • When fuelling cars please do it in the paddock only and in a safe manner
  • Any fluid spillages must be cleared up
  • Old tyres and rubbish must be taken home

Slip&Grip Automotive reserves the right to amend and change regs at any time. Anyone seen to be flaunting regulations or not meeting safety standards may be disqualified and not refunded for their entry. Slip&Grip competitive events are regulated by Slip&Grip Automotive and the relevant event insurance is acquired by Slip&Grip Automotive. If you wish to cover your own car on track you will need to acquire this yourself prior to the event. Insurance is not a requirement to enter.

*Please note that all event bookings are subject to our standard bookings terms and conditions.

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