4.2 V8 NAS Spec Land Rover 90 Tonka

Genuine NAS Defender with a royal background

Its quite unusual for someone to purchase a vehicle previously owned by someone famous only to completely change it to suit their own requirements or tastes. But the owner of this genuine North American spec Land Rover Defender put his big boy pants on and did just that.

In 1987 this very Defender was gifted from Land Rover to Princess Anne in a rather drab cream colour. It was factory right hand drive, rare for a NAS spec vehicle. The princess used it for a couple of years on the Gatcombe Park estate and then returned it to LR and no doubt given a more up to date model to potter around in.

It was then sold to a couple in Bedford where the current owner purchased it in the early 90's. The truck has gone through a whole host of changes over the years to how it sits here today. You couldn't imagine Princess Anne in a bright yellow 90 could you??

Royal Family Defender

The bright almost AA recovery yellow won't be for everyone but it makes a change from all the usual English countryside colours they are usually painted in. This is actually a factory colour, they also did a rather bright red in this spec. The stand out colour is absolutely married to the all black accessories such as the external roll bar, light surrounds, side steps and mohair soft top.

We trundled down the Fosse-way on the Wiltshire, Gloucestershire border to take some pics and have a chat. Its a very wet day but the truck just stands out so well down the dreary by-way. We head into Tetbury for a stop at the local bakery. The folk of this Cotswold town are more than used to seeing the odd Defender and we spot at least a dozen as we head in and out of town. But the V8 rumble from the stainless exhaust system and stand out colour of this particular 90 turns heads of the local folk as it rolls through.

During ownership the Land Rover has had a lot of work including a galvanised chassis and bulkhead. A 4.2 V8 swap and auto box from an early classic Range Rover LSE. Other mechanical changes include full disc conversion with 110 vented front setup and wide offset challenger rims wrapped in the ever more popular Cooper Discoverer mud tyre.

As old Defenders go this one is actually quite pleasant to be inside apart from the odd drip of water that's made its way into the cabin from the various panel gaps a factory LR comes with. The TD5 dash and door cards modernise things a little and are complimented by leather heated seats.

Considering the agreed value on this LR is now £40,000 you'd need a country house with a barn to store it in for safe keeping. With room in the back for four adults on fold down seats this really is the perfect summer Cotswold all-terrain cruiser. Roof off down the by-ways or out shooting with the lads, just don't go hunting as you will scare off all the wild life before you even get a chance to load a gun!

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