Jimny The Giant Killer

Max' Ever Evolving 2003 Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki SJ was first produced all the way back in 1970, however most of you will have memories of the second generation from 1981. That little 410/413 didn’t have enough power to pull the skin off a rice pudding. The kart like suspension would upset your insides and they didn’t deal with modern day traffic very well, especially with chunky tyres. Oh, and let’s not mention the rust! Despite all the fall backs the little SJ was loved the world over and being light made them quite capable off-road.

In 1998 the 3rd gen was released, with far superior suspension and an interior capable of keeping the modern man or women happy, it was a great success. The compact AWD was produced for a lengthy ten years. Not only being used to take Nancy to the shops to grab a paper on a Sunday, but also for those who enjoy conquering all terrains as a hobby.

Living in Wiltshire not only are you drowning in countryside and stunning By-Ways, but come winter its pretty handy to have this sort of vehicle to hand. Snow seems to becoming more regular come winter and floods are very common.

We find the best way to navigate all the lanes in the UK are by using OS Maps and subscribing to TrailWise2.

There were minimal requirements for Max’ reasonable budget aside from insurance prices so it wasn’t like he required the Jimny to carry equipment for work etc. Although in almost the form he bought it, this crazy little thing has had considerable work to keep it on the road.

When the weekends come, you will probably find this Tonka browsing the By-Ways of Wiltshire with us. Despite a lack of diff lock it is very capable with it’s low ratio box being so light. The little petrol lump is capable enough to ensure it struts with the bigger trucks out and about.

Max did have a slight mishap whilst we were out in the snow one time where by he only ended up with 2WD down a long, tight, snowy by-way. The only way was back so we had to push him with the spare wheel on our Landcruiser all the way back down the lane. It was both amusing and slightly concerning at the same time.

Modifications for green laning include a 3" suspension lift and 4.5" wide arch kit to cover the 31" Insa Turbo tyres. Manual locking hubs and a snorkel for those river crossings. As well as OMP Bucket seats, JDM inspired wooden steering wheel and CB radio to keep in touch with friends whilst out and about.

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