Slip&Grip Automotive Commission Based Car Sales

Sell Your Collector Car The Easy Way

Here at Slip&Grip Automotive, we have been using our experience in the industry of nearly 20 years to buy and sell collectible cars for customers and ourselves. We believe our passion for collector cars energises and helps drive our business and the cars it sells.

In this day and age with the internet available to all, it can be very stressful selling your pride and joy. The hassle of dealing with tyre kickers online and in person can be aggravating, but viewings can also pose a security risk to your home, workshop or family. We take all this worry away with our commission-based collector car sales by bringing the sale in house, photographing your car, writing the description and listing it in all the right places, including to our social audience of over 40,000 people. Not only that but we deal with all the enquires and viewings. You simply fill out a form, give us your car and receive the funds in your bank account when it sells.

Our commission sales are charged at 5% on a no sale no fee basis, so if the car does not sell you pay nothing. You can even add the 5% to the price so you get the amount in your pocket that you need. As soon as vehicles arrive with us, they are fully insured by our trade policy until they leave our hands, your car will be safe throughout the sale and we will ensure it is looked after with tyre pressure checks, battery charging and other basic maintenance. We may even offer to take your car to local shows or events to help promote it in person with your prior permission.

Our large social following consists of rallying, racing as well as retro and classic vehicle enthusiasts. But the buck doesn’t stop with just listing your car on our website and socials. We will ensure it gets advertised on all the prominent websites that are suitable for the sale of your vehicle as well. We cater for the sale of everything from restored classic 4x4’s and 60’s sports racers to more modern retro homologation specials and low mile early 00’s cars.

Upon your initial enquiry we will have an honest discussion on the vehicle’s history as well as its current state and spec which can help us determine the right sale price. Upon agreeing an initial sale price we would then receive the car and begin the sale process. Although we keep the process as relaxed as possible for you, we do like to keep you up to date with any serious enquiries or offers throughout.

If you think using a professional and experienced company to sell your collector car is the way forward for you, please get in touch via our website enquiry form, or alternatively, drop us a call or an email for a friendly chat.

If you think your vehicle would sell best at auction. We also assist in consigning them to auction as well with 5 auction houses to choose from depending on the time of year you wish to sell and the type of vehicle you wish to sell. With this process we pull our commission from the auction house so there are no additional fees from us.

(Pictured are just some of the cars we have helped to sell over the years)

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