Bont Rally Sprints


Our Rally Sprints are run at Bont Rally Stage. Battle it out in 5 classes for the fastest time on the 2.2mile stage.

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Rally Sprint Weekends return to Bont in 2022 with the usual format. Unlike many sprints that are short and sweet. Entries have the opportunity to tackle the 2.2 mile tarmac stage one way on the Saturday and reversed on the Sunday. Unlimited runs mean you get as much seat time as you like and endless opportunities to better your PB through out each day.

Great news! After feedback we have made some changes and now allow unlimited people to attend with entrants and we are allowing spectators and children to attend. The only thing we still do not allow are pets.

RAB Timing will return with their excellent timing system to ensure accuracy whilst competing at the event with live timing on the world wide web. Free Camping will be available at each event as well as hot food and drink on site. With a fantastic mix of vehicles from trackday and hill climb cars to current and classic machinery. British Rally Media will also be on hand to cover the events.

Come and join us for a challenging but fun weekend at this stunning venue. Once booked you will receive links to all the documents you need. The only form you need to return to us prior to the event is the 'entry form' please.

Single Day One Driver - £105
Two Days One Driver - £200

Event Location:

Bont Dolebolion Rally Stage - SY25 6BJ

Members of public and spectating are not permitted at this event, only drivers, co-drivers, vehicle mechanics, staff, marshals and media

No Under 16's permitted on site (Junior license holders please contact us direct prior to booking)

(Please note Bont Rally Stage as a sports venue is only open by appointment only and days must be reserved and paid for in advance in order to use the stage or of course by booking one of our set test days when we are open)

Bont Rally Stage is proudly sponsored by Plastics4Performance. The go too company for Lexen window kits, Windscreen tear offs, mud flaps, underbody protection and other rallying accessories.

This event is governed and regulated by the IOPD (International Organisation for Professional Drivers)

Please ensure you read our terms & conditions when booking.

  • Unlimited Runs Each Day 9am-5pm
  • Live Timing by RAB Timing
  • Free Onsite Camping
  • Full Marshal Crew
  • Onsite Medic
  • Onsite Recovery
  • RTA Exemption Permit
  • PL Insurance by Reis Motorsport

Location: Bont Rally Stage SY25 6BJ
Permit: IOPD 30232 (B)
Sponsor: Plastics4Performance
Timing: RAB Timing LTD

Event Format:
Bont Rally Sprint is run as a Sprint type event where prepared cars are released onto the stage one car at a time with roughly a minute between each on to the 2.2mile tarmac stage. With this in mind there should be no more than 3 cars on the stage at any one time. In 2022 we will be running the stage clockwise on the Saturdays and Anti-clockwise on the Sundays. The fastest in class on each day gets their next day with us for free. You can run one day or both, every crew gets unlimited stage miles to try and achieve their fastest time.

We have a team of trained marshals, medics and media to ensure the event runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all involved. Each day will begin with driver, co-driver and event staff sign on, followed by separate briefings for staff/marshals, drivers/co-drivers outlining the safety aspects of the event. Sighting laps will then be completed to ensure all crews are aware of what this fantastic stage offers and give you a chance to make stage notes. Free camping on site available.

Event Schedule:

6:30am – Venue Opens
7am-8:15am – Staff / Medical / Media / Marshal Sign On
7:30am – 8:30am – Scrutineering
8:15am – Staff / Medical / Media / Marshal Briefing
8:30am – Crew (driver / co-driver Briefing)
9am – Sighting laps behind course car
9:15am – Stage Live
12:30pm – 1:30pm Stage closes (Lunch)
1:30pm – Stage Live
5:00pm – Stage closes

We use a high-quality timing system over 5 classes. We do not limit the number of runs permitted per car so the stage will be run in open pitlane format with cars released at intervals. Official timing will be carried by RAB Timing LTD with their new contactless, COVID safe system. Class winners will only receive a free day with us providing that there is more than one in their class on the day they are competing.

(Class A +) Over 1901cc Forced Induction
(Class A) Over 1901cc NA
(Class B) Up to 1900cc NA / Forced Induction
(Class C) Under 1600cc N/A
(Class D) Bike Engine Cars & Buggies

Crew (Driver / Co Driver) Rules & Regs:

• Drivers must have the correct driver’s band for that day, have signed on and attended the briefing to go on stage
• No driver or co drivers permitted under the age of 17 for drivers and co drivers unless holding a competition licence and with our prior consent, parent/guardian must be present to sign them on
• All drivers must hold a MSUK Licence for circuit, sprints/hillclimbs or rallying. autocross, or IOPD licence that can be supplied by us on the day for £10 providing you have previous track or motorsport experience
• A Co-Driver must sign on to go out on stage although a Co-Driver is not essential
• All Crews will be issued with a course map prior to the event
• One front seat Co-Driver only
• We recommend carrying a first aid kit and at least one mobile phone in the vehicle whilst on stage with emergency numbers in your phone
• Helmets, long sleeve top and trousers must be worn at all times on the stage, no nylon, must be cotton or nomex
• Although not essential, we recommend an in-date race suit, gloves and boots
• The track must only be driven in the direction of that noted in the event instructions, permission to drive in the wrong direction may only be granted and lead by the clark of the course in the course car if the track is blocked by an incident
• Only competing cars are permitted on the course during a live stage unless the clerk of the course instructs otherwise
• Always be aware of marshals and flags on stage, they may well be telling you about an incident ahead, if you are shown a red flag please slow immediately and stop at the nearest marshal or safe point until further instruction from an official
• If you do have an accident, do not get out of your car unless it’s on fire. A marshal and medical car will be with you as soon as possible. If your car is on fire, get out the car as quick as possible and move away from the stage. If you are fearful you haven’t been seen call the emergency number in the event pack which should be saved in your phone with quick access
• A full medical unit is also on hand all weekend supplied by UK Event Medical Services LTD and will be situated on the start/finish line - Only official Slip&Grip Staff, Marshals and signed on media with PL insurance will be able to view the stage.
• On completion of your run please ensure you slowdown in the permitted area to ensure you arrive in the paddock in a safe manor
• If we, a marshal or member of staff feels that the crew is out of control or disrespecting the use of the track one warning will be issued before you are asked to leave the venue with no refund, this stage absolutely demands respect and any tom foolery can easily result in serious injury
• No overtaking is permitted, this will result in exclusion
• If an incident causes enough damage that the stage is deemed unsafe until repaired and may take several hours, Slip&Grip automotive reserve the right to end the day early without refund


• Spectators are now permitted including children but are restricted to viewing near the start line or from the paddock. There is no restriction on the number of people a crew and bring. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
• Paddock speed limit is 5MPH
• Please no erratic driving in the paddock including wheel spins
• Please come through the paddock and either park up and give the car a rest or join the queue again
• All rubbish, parts, tyres, waste oil and coolant must be cleared up before you leave the venue. Ask a member of staff if you need saw dust to clear up lubricants as we will have some on site. Laying a tarp down to work on your car is advised
• Working on your car and refuelling must only be carried out in the paddock, no refuelling with crew in the car
• All jacked up vehicles must have two means of support before working on or going underneath
• The stage is well signed as to where you are and are not allowed to go. Please look out for warning signs on fences close to the stage and listen to marshals and staff
Vehicle Technical Rules & Regs:

• Every car will be checked for good condition and signed off by our lead scrutineer on the day of the event, any car involved in an incident must be scrutineered again before it carries on
• Motorbikes, trikes & Commercial Vehicles are not permitted
• All vehicles must have a bulkhead to separate the crew from the engine and transmission as well as a fluid used to cool or make the vehicle run
• All cars must have a bonnet and a suitable floor
• All cars must be built to a good standard with a minimum of a roll over bar (half Cage for tin tops, full cage for soft tops) of which must be made to a high standard with good material, bucket seats and FIA/MSUK harnesses fitted as per manufacturers guidelines, these can be new or 2nd hand, we recommend at least a 4 or 5 point harness, seats and harnesses do not need to be in date but must have be previously approved.
• All cars must have at least a 1KG hand held fire extinguisher fitted or 50 second fire safety stick with easy access by the driver if required. We recommend 1.5KG for larger cars, these must be securely mounted
• Bodywork may be altered so long as there are no sharp protruding objects particularly interior sharp edges within driver and co-driver reach
• All cars must have a front and rear towing eye fitted
• All tyre types are permitted - Spare wheels must be securely mounted
• Interior maybe be removed providing any sharp edges are covered to protect the crew from injury
• If a nonstandard fuel tank is fitted it must be separated from the crew by fire proof material
• Engine & Transmission - No Restrictions
• Braking systems are free however we highly recommend top quality discs, pads and fluid for this course
• Fuel must be pump fuel only 95-102 octane, NOS or Methanol is not permitted
• Electrical Systems No Restrictions
• There must be a sufficient way of the driver being able to stop supply of fuel to the engine such as a normal factory ignition or motorsport switch panel, there must be sufficient way for driver/marshal to be able to stop the supply of fuel
If you have any queries in regards the event and regulations please contact us via phone or email.


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